My name’s Dawn LeForce & I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I’d always heard we were part Cherokee but even if we’d stayed home I don’t think I would’ve learned anything more than that because my maternal great grandma was disowned before I was born & my paternal grandpa died when I was very young.  If either one taught their kids anything “Cherokee” they didn’t pass it on.

Plus we moved to MN then to TX before coming back home to OK when I was an adult with a child of my own.  Thanks to my paternal grandpa being on the Dawes Rolls my child & I were able to become card carrying members of the Cherokee Nation.  But 1) in Tulsa they didn’t help us much & 2) having a card didn’t teach us anything “Cherokee”.

Between an aunt, some cousins & a whole lot of research I’ve figured out some things.  Everything I’ve figured out & continue to figure out I’ll post here.  If you’re researching too hope it helps. 🙂

Dawn LeForce
Baby Me